Planning for the Holidays

November means we’re getting close to the Holidays… So here’s a reminder on some simple steps to help you plan ahead to have a handmade holiday, from Rachel at the fabulous blog, One Pretty Thing. (And check out the interview with Rachel the other day @ Craftypod!

Hassle-Free Handmade Holidays

By Rachel Klein of One Pretty Thing

If you’re anything like me you think the same thing every year. “This year I’m going to make all my own gifts/bake the desserts from scratch/grow all the decorations myself! It’s going to be awesome!” It sounds so festive, so heartfelt. But how many of us actually have time to do it? It’s taken me a few years but I’ve finally got my handmade holiday system down to a science. A schedule of crafting and planning that starts in the summer allows me to create the handmade gifts that bring me so much joy, as well as save me money and stress in December. Sound overwhelming? New to handmade holidays? Pick one or two of the following ideas to try this year, then add another the next. I’m going to share ten hassle-free handmade holiday organizational ideas you can get started on now. I’m a Christmas girl, so these ideas reference that holiday, but are easily applicable to any holiday you might celebrate.

  1. Gather your organizational supplies! I like to keep an inspiration folder for each holiday on my desktop. My Christmas folder has lists of menu ideas, decorating ideas, and gift lists. Set your folders up in advance and you’ll be able to find that beach-themed Christmas tree picture later.