Filled “Carrot” for Easter Bunny brunch

This is a fabulous idea!

Check out this adorable ‘carrot’ filled with egg salad from Hungry Happenings– a fun addition to an easter brunch, maybe?

From the site: There is only one spring day that starts off with your family running around the yard in search of decorated eggs. Easter Sunday is quite unique in that respect.  After our Easter egg hunts we have always gathered up our decorated eggs and whisked them off to the kitchen to add some Miracle Whip before turning them into deviled eggs or egg salad.  It’s a simple recipe, just two ingredients, but one I still enjoy even though my palate has been expanded immensely over the years. I know everyone has their own favorite recipe for these classic dishes and am certain that many (most, maybe) of you enjoy them on Easter.

Go read the whole thing and see how to make it..:  Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad