Finger Puppet Bus!

Let me state for the record that drugs are good, mkay? Well, at least the ones that I’m taking which are making me feel much better, since apparently i have the lingering ick.

On to cooler stuff… A Finger Puppet Bus!
Finger Puppet Bus
We got the boy a set of finger puppets from Ikea, which are cute, but of course small, so they would inevitably be lost. Plus, little hands sometimes have a problem with getting the puppets on their fingers to play with them. So we came up with the idea of a ‘schoolbus’ with wood dowels where the puppets could live! And hey, all made of wood, no icky chinese lead in this toy!

The Boy with his finger puppet bus

The Boy loves it. He can drag them around and take them to ‘school’. And Mom and Dad love it because they all get put back on their pegs when they get put away!
This was another case of I had the vision and Daddy implemented it – He actually made it where the wheels turn and all, but if you wanted to go even easier, but stationary, you could just glue/nail disks on the side for wheels.

Also, The headlights are painted in Glow-in-the-dark paint!

The finger puppet bus

Update: HOW TO is here!