Halloween Cocktail Fun

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<–Want MORE Creepy Cocktails? New Stuff HERE.

As halloween
party time approaches, start thinkin’ about drinkin’! Fancy or scary, halloween cocktails can really jazz up a party.

<– The Brain Hemorage from TangoPango. Looks lovely doesn’t it? Supposedly tastes good though!

Talk of Tomatoes has several yummy sounding halloween drinks, including this Black Widow. –>
Check ’em out. Added 10/29: Another fun drink from Talk of Tomatoes – The Maggotini!

And wow, this Dark Chocolate Martini sounds decadent from Cook & Eat.

Hostess with the Mostess points us to a great Halloween cocktail guide. Very beautiful presentations. Also, lovely ways to label your halloween drinks.

These are nifty. Label your bottles with spiffy poison labels like these free to download creepy apothecary lables from spookshows.com

Have other halloweeny good cocktails?

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  • yoon see [] :

    Hi Dot, thanks fot dropping by & your kind comment too on mine.
    Thanks for sharing the yummy drinks here, but unfortunately I have psoriasis, I can't take any alcohol stuff.
    Not too bad, at least with your great candid shots here and sharing, I can feel their beauty and try to figure out their taste:)

  • Laurie [] :

    Where’s your no-reply blogger tutorial? I’d love to take a look at it.


  • Dot [] :

    You mean the one on using blogger to create an art/photography portfolio site? https://www.dabbled.org/search/label/website%20design

    Scroll down to see the more useful posts.

    let me know if you have questions!

  • DeadmansLog [] :

    Yum – a Halloween drink post. That’s just what I’m missing this season. Strangely enough, it’s my favorite piece of festive interaction: the mixing of crazy drinks. Love the brain hemorrhage!

    I’m glad you stopped by my blog earlier; I’ll certainly be keeping up with yours. :)

  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh wow…that brain drink looks pretty freaky!!! and the black widow….yikkkkkkkkkkessssssssss

    wonderful post….and you made me laugh with your post on my blog….hehehehe


  • GoteeMan [] :

    I like the brain hemorage….

    Thanks for finding me on FB…

    Jeff (Goteeman.blogspot.com)

  • Rrramone [] :

    that is one gnarly looking drink!

  • janelle [] :

    Hello! Thanks for the mention; who wouldn’t want a large, furry dead black spider marinating in their drink?

    PERFECT reminder, time to start whipping together some new Halloween cocktails!!

  • lindseyrose [] :

    Thanks so much for this! I think the brain hemorage cocktail is totally going to be the hit of our halloween party!

  • Howard Bannister [] :

    Oh, man.

    Now I’m thirsty!

    (great posting, btw)

  • Stephanie Gokhman [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    halloween cocktails? yes please! http://tinyurl.com/3sq8b9 the braaaaain hemorrrrrrhaaaage

  • Cobwebs [] :

    I can add a couple more to your collection. These all use Blavod, which is perfect for Halloween drinks:


    Neat post, Dot!

  • Laura [] :

    I stumbled upon this completely by accident…

    1) Take one gin and tonic.

    2) Drink under black light.

    It glows bright blue! Very eerie.

  • dan [] :

    I can vouch for the Brain Hemorrhage. Very tasty, if you can get past the curdles!

  • Vicky Harrison [] :

    Great drink ideas and they look really real, who would want to drink it. I bet it tastes good at a party thou