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Braaains! Salmon Brain Dip every Zombie would just die for.

Braaains! Salmon Brain Dip every Zombie would just die for.

Really, Halloween is NOT that far away, and if you’re really into Halloween, like we are around here, it just makes sense to start thinking about things early! So, as part of my new “clean up old stuff on Dabbled” series, I realized that while I gave the recipe for this brain dip as part of a post on the food I created for a previous halloween party, I had not actually pulled it out into a post of it’s own.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween treat: Bloody Baklava

Halloween treat: Bloody Baklava

I know it’s late for halloween, but I’m filing this away for next year!

Dabbled friend Tissuepapers writes: “This year I really wanted to create something really gruesome to serve at a friends Halloween party. I came up with this recipe that was inspired by my childhood arch enemy Freddy Krueger. He was the terror in my dreams when I was younger, chasing after me with those razor sharp claws.

I took a spin on the basic recipe for baklava.… [ KEEP READING ]

The Hotdog Creature experiments

The Hotdog Creature experiments

For Halloween this year, I tried a new idea, that I had gotten from the most excellent blog, Filth Wizardry. She did this as a fun project with the kids, and I thought it looked like a lovely and disgusting item for the Halloween buffet, especially for the kiddos. Now those of you who follow me on Twitter may remember this for the Dot Cooks “Live Tweet”, where I documented all my Halloween food prep (if not, you can see the summary here!).… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Wrap-up – Party Food

Halloween Wrap-up - Party Food

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Row 1: Mozzarella Eyeballs. Instead of last year‘s idea of just using sliced olives with pimentos, I used the technique by the Evil Mad Scientists to create more rounded eyes. The mozzarella balls were marinated ones from Trader Joes.
Row 2: Flayed Skin Cheeseball makes a reappearance. An art store face mold, covered in shreds of proscuito. Cheese ball mixture was 4 or so cups of shredded cheese, 16 oz cream cheese, cajun spices, and some extra finely chopped proscuitto.… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Yummy Mummy Hand (HOW TO)

Halloween Food - Yummy Mummy Hand (HOW TO)

I love my friends! At last week’s pumpkin party, my friend Chad asked what he could bring to my halloween party. I made a few suggestions, including some ideas I had around a mummy arm similar to my Bone Marrow last year. Well, he took those and improved upon them, and has graciously written up how he created his prototype for the party, this really fun Mummy Hand!

Click through for larger..… [ KEEP READING ]

Halloween Food – Chocolate Pretzel Creep Fingers

Halloween Food - Chocolate Pretzel Creep Fingers

I’m throwing a Halloween Party Saturday night, so the next few days will be filled with me trying to get everything together. However, I didn’t want to neglect you, dear Dabblers, so I figured I’d let you in on some of the stuff I’m making!

I just finished up a batch of Sweet Sushi, and later I’ll be pulling these Creep Fingers together, along with my Peanut Butter Eyeball truffles.… [ KEEP READING ]