Halloween Costumes, Part 1

Dabbled flickr Halloween Costume Gallery:


Here’s a collection of cool and interesting costumes for your inspiration possibilities…    From a plastic army man to Cruella DeVille, from Astro-boy to a narwhal… Some of these are movie inspired, like Dr. Octopus, Shawn of the Dead, Nightmare before Christimas, and Death Becomes Her.  And some are everyday items, like sushi, or a computer, or even pair of tennis shoes!

View the Gallery on Flickr

Other Costume Inspiration from Dabbled’s Past:

Need more ideas? I’ll be posting cute costume ideas at Dabbled’s Facebook Page. Become a fan and add your own pics or links!

As an aside…

“Why so late getting this post up today, Dot?”, you might ask?  Well, I was finishing up a couple of Dabbled|Studios projects…   Here’s a writeup on the latest website, and this one includes custom illustration!  I’ll post the other, another custom illo, later…

Finally, I just had to share… I read this story to my 4 year old tonight and he was giggling his butt off… So highly recommend!