Halloween Extravaganza Starts today!

The contest is over, but here’s some more recent halloween fun:

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halloween-botTime to start planning for the bestest holiday of the year! HALLOWEEN! The little Halloween Bot* is here to announce that over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring halloween crafts, costumes, decorations, art, food.. all the good stuff you’ll need to get in the spirit! Leading up to the Halloween contest to cap it off of course.

And I know you’re desparately wondering “How can I get involved in this fabulous extravaganza!?” Well…

1) Enter the Contest! – Full Rules here (they are easy!), but per the usual, any type of arts/crafts/food, halloween related is eligible — extra credit for tutorials. There will be prizes of course, but the best part is of course sharing your creations with the world!

2) Sponsor the Contest! – Contact me if you’d like to provide a prize for the contest, and possibly be eligible to be a judge. You’ll receive a nifty little halloween bot for your site and link back over with kudos for spreading the halloween love. Some Art Fabric has already provided us with some nifty halloween fabric swatches!

3) Submit your cool halloween posts to be included in the halloween series! You’ll get a nifty ‘I was featured’ button, and of course, internet fame and glory :) Thanks to those of you who’ve emailed me links to your stuff thus far… We’ll have at least 2 Halloween Features from the readers this week!

4) Spread the word! “Spread the word – tell a friend..Tell them the tale..Get a pic – do a blog”** New this contest: Nifty little spread the word buttons are available, and if the winning entry finds us via you/your blog, you’ll win a special little prize! (Great for you non-creative types out there with creative friends!***)

*Isn’t he cute? He needs a name – any ideas?

**OK, I couldn’t resist a Dr Horrible reference..
***Could Dot use any more exclamation points in a single post?, I don’t think so…

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