Halloween Feature – Heather Sitarzewski

The first of our fabulous readers to be featured in the Halloween Extravaganza is the fabulously creative and halloween-loving Heather Sitarzewski. Not everyone will necessarily get their own post, but Heather has enough stuff to fill several, so she gets her very own– check it out!

First off… the Halloween Jack! Fabulous design and execution.. love him!

Next up, check this out! Now you know creating great art or craft out of recycled materials is one of my passions… This is a great example of that, created out of paper towel rolls. She’s got all the instructions on her post. Check out the full post for nifty luminaries and candy containers too!

Several of her other posts to check out for halloween inspiration ideas:
Candy Bottles
All kinds of containers, decorated with stamps. Love the votive idea :)

Finally… this was just too cute…
Inspired by the very talented Creative Kismet, a monster towel… perfect your little monster for halloween or all year long! This is Heather’s version:

And here is the original Rock Monster inspiration:

Thanks for sharing, Heather!! This is some great inspiring stuff…
and don’t forget to pick up your I WAS FEATURED button! Oh, and you too Creative Kismet!

The rest of you… Don’t forget: