Halloween Feature – Wobbegong Shark Costume

Dabbler Jen Straw of Pittsburgh PA sent this in, and I love it! The Wobbegong shark was her son’s absolute favorite shark in the universe, so she designed and made this costume for him. Don’t know what a Wobbegong is? See the little pic of a real Wobbegong cruising the coral reefs of Australia. She explains how she did it below.
Wobbegong Shark Halloween Costume

Jen Says: “I made it from some scrap fleece, and painted it with non-toxic tempera paints. Most of it was machine stitched, though the face part was hand stitched, and I included the plastic head frame from a child’s batting helmet for extra support (also stitched into place). I didn’t have a pattern (still don’t – I am sure that this will be a one-off costume!), so I worked from a drawing that my husband made for me.”

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Jen won the Dabbled Halloween Contest with this one!