Halloween Feature – Wobbegong Shark Costume

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Dabbler Jen Straw of Pittsburgh PA sent this in, and I love it! The Wobbegong shark was her son’s absolute favorite shark in the universe, so she designed and made this costume for him. Don’t know what a Wobbegong is? See the little pic of a real Wobbegong cruising the coral reefs of Australia. She explains how she did it below.
Wobbegong Shark Halloween Costume

Jen Says: “I made it from some scrap fleece, and painted it with non-toxic tempera paints. Most of it was machine stitched, though the face part was hand stitched, and I included the plastic head frame from a child’s batting helmet for extra support (also stitched into place). I didn’t have a pattern (still don’t – I am sure that this will be a one-off costume!), so I worked from a drawing that my husband made for me.”

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Jen won the Dabbled Halloween Contest with this one!

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  • Anonymous [] :

    This sooo rules!!!

  • Rachel@oneprettything.com [] :

    This is SOOO cool! I actually saw one of these once-in an irrigation ditch! It was really memorable!

  • Erin K [] :

    OH MY HECK that’s awesome!!!!!

  • Crafting with Cat Hair [] :

    That is so very cool!

  • Pockafwye [] :

    This costume is MADE of AWESOME!

  • women's halloween costumes [] :

    haha thats sweet!

  • women’s halloween costumes [] :

    Sorry, if this is a little off topic but it is for Shelia at her request: Here a great costure idea – Take a box and cut it to fit the person. Paint it with red and white stripes and write “POPCORN” on the front. Glue popped popcorn around the top of box. String some popcorn in your hair. Wear white make-up. Use an upside-down popcorn bucket for a hat. —————— You’re welcone. I hope this helps you Shelia. Have Fun. Deborah, The Costume Lady.