Halloween Food – Delicious Eyeballs

delicious eyeballs halloween party food recipesAs part of the Halloween Food series, we have delicious eyeballs for you here, the sweet and the savory, so read on…

Mozzerella Eyeballs

Note: this recipe has been updated and is EVEN BETTER NOW!

Always looking for yummy Halloween edibles, I created these last year as a easy to prepare and yummy party food. They are simply fresh mozzarella balls, that I bought pre-marinated. Pupil/iris is whole pimento stuffed green olives, sliced and stuck on with a toothpick (Ow! My Eye!).
Yummy mozzarella Eyeballs

The Evil Mad Scientists have a more refined version, that I love, and I may modify mine to use some of their tips. All the steps to make these are here. I love how they use two different olives to make the more rounded iris/pupil.

Yummy mozzarella Eyeballs

Now on to sweet:
Brown Eye’d Truffles:

These are extremely popular and yummy, we’ve done them the past few years. The inside is a peanut butter truffle, dipped not quite to the top in white chocolate (or white candy bark). The pupil is an upside down mini chocolate chip. You can also add red veins with decorator gel, but I like the simplicity of it without. For a creepier touch, add green paste food coloring to the truffle mix.

Eyeball Truffles

I didn’t originate the recipe, but I have no idea of the source – I’ve seen it around the internet in several places. Since there’s no point in retyping what can be easily googled, here’s a good recipe and write up of how to make them. You can either dip them and place on parchment paper to dry, or directly into mini muffin cups.

Hope you enjoy these inspirations for your Halloween gatherings!

Here’s some other eyeball related yummys via flickr:

From flickr user schmish: Eyeball Soup Cake. Just Wow!

From flickr user overduebook, “they are really simple to make. Start with a lychee fruit in a can. After they are well drained fill them with strawberry jam/jelly and top with a blueberry. ”