Halloween Food: The Mummy’s Hand..

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yummy sausage mummy hand for halloween dabbled.orgHappy weekend… this is from several years ago, but it was so good, I thought it deserved a repeat!

My dear creative friend, Chad, made this for the Halloween party …  and was kind enough to give us a tutorial, so we can all make our own!

Sausage and Bread Mummy Hand

Published on: Oct 3, 2009

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  • Julia [] :

    I’ll pass that on to my daughter. She’ll love it!

  • Todd Waits [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Pretty sweet looking dish: Halloween Food: The Mummy’s Hand.. http://bit.ly/s3ZUn

  • Kathryn [] :

    I love this idea!

    This looks like it would be fun for my teen son and I to attempt together. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Rachel [] :

    This is hilarious and super creative, I love it! I’ll be linking. Yay Halloween!

  • Lisa Marie Mary [] :

    That is so absolutely cool! I’d love to see some more shots of the finished hand. Did your friend just make this up? That’s just so cool!

    Love your blog – so glad I stumbled onto you today. Your header is awesome!! :D

  • kim [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    @absolutcrobi https://dabbled.org/2009/10/halloween-food-the-mummys-hand.html

  • Ed Gossage [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Creative halloween party food links/recipes http://bit.ly/aMf3P4http://bit.ly/wqWpFhttp://bit.ly/bNzCCt C/O @JudyGex

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Nice to meet you Lisa!

    yep, I had the idea, and he made it up :)

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