Halloween Tutorial – Monster Wreath

I’ve been promising more Halloween tutorials, so here’s another one for you! We made this halloween monster wreath for halloween in 2005… It’s pretty easy to make, and is a perennial favorite decoration, so I’ve written up a tutorial on it–since I didn’t have any pictures of the making of it, you get my fabulous hand drawings..sorry!

Click through to flickr to see bigger or download.

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Halloween Monster Wreath Tutorial
Halloween Monster Wreath Tutorial
Halloween Monster Wreath Tutorial

*note: I don’t remember where I got the idea from, but the idea of a monster wreath is not original with me, but I really like my version! Also thanks to Chica and Erika who did most of the creation of the original one, as I was trying to decorate for the party!

Updates: More, including a quick no-sew version. (On flickr)
-And thanks to the reader who pointed out the tutorial on craftster — That could have entirely been the inspiration, especially since it’s so similar to my no-sew version! I loves the crafty internets!