Happy Black Friday!

I have no desire to shop the malls today… But hey it’s the ….Amazon Black Friday Sale!

I know, we’re trying to buy handmade and make things, and that’s great! But sometimes we also need to buy other stuff too. And I like Amazon (they’re doing a great thing with their new Frustration Free Packaging program to reduce packaging and waste). So if you’re going to shop anyway, buy online!

I figured I’d spice up your Black Friday with a few gift recommendations (plus I love playing with Amazon Widgets).. Here’s a few for those hard to buy for people:
Amazon.com Widgets

Also, gift ideas for preschoolers! My 3 year old being my source of expertise for this.
Amazon.com Widgets
(Gifts for 3 yr olds)

Finally, for the crafty woman (or man!) on your list. Crafty Books that I either have read or are in my plan…
Amazon.com Widgets