Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving for those of us in the US, I wish everyone has a safe and happy Turkey Day. This lovely Bacon Wrapped Turducken
<– is one of the many cool things at Superpunch’s Thanksgiving Round-up. Neat stuff – check it out!

So, taking a quick moment today to you guys how thankful I am for all of you, the Dabblers out there… I wouldn’t write this stuff if I didn’t have you to read it!

robotsantalarge… Tired of just hanging out with family? A little bored? Turkey coma? Go Try Something New and enter it in the Dabbled Holiday Contest!

I’ll be featuring the entries here on Dabbled as they are entered. Remember, any handmade holiday project — from gifts to decorations, or whatever — , which has some element of recycling/upcycling to it, is eligible. To enter, just tag your photos ‘dabbledholiday’ on flickr! Full details here.