How to: Dragon Wings for party fun and favors

dragonwingsFor The Boy’s “Dragon Party”, we needed favors. I considered multiple ideas (see end of post) but decided to try to make some. The Boy wanted some sort of dress up thing, and these modified capes were very popular with the party-goers, and were perfect for a take home favor.

Now, it wasn’t a small party (not only his friends from preschool, but our friends with kids were there), so I initially made 20 of these. Hence they are NOT high quality heirloom construction. You could easily modify these instructions (adding hems and what not) to make these more of a “finished” product. But for my purposes, I figured the quick and dirty version would do just fine. I also kept the design pretty cheap – I figure each one was about $1 in materials cost.

These would be great not only for favors, but for the “dress up box”, or if done a little nicer, for a gift too!

I promised a tutorial for both this and the Dragon Cake (done!), so here it is… Instructions are after the mosaic picture, but if you need more info, just email me or post here.

(Quick and Dirty) Dragon Wing Tutorial for party favors

Note, ignore the different colors, i made a variety and used the best shots for the tutorial. I figured a mix of orange, pink, blue, and green would work for a mix of kids, and any kids who didn’t want “wings” could call it a prince or princess cape. Each square of fabric makes 4 capes.

1. Start with a piece of fabric at least 1 yd square. (larger for bigger kids) I did some at 36 in square (about the minimum for 4 year olds) and some a tad larger, which worked better. Measure against the wingspan of your sample child to figure out how much fabric to buy. I found that with 44 in broadcloth, 44 in square (about 1.25 yds) worked really well.
2. Trim fabric to a square. Save the excess. If you want to make the wrist straps more unubtrusive (for a cape look) use strips of the extra fabric for that.
3. Cut on the diagonal, to make 4 equal triangles., Start at each corner, and cut in a big X. that will make 4 capes.
4. 4 triangles, Yep, this will be 4 capes. The longest side of the triangle is the width of your step 2 square.
5. You end up with 4 triangles.,
6. Cut 4 lengths of ribbon about 15 inches each (measure around a child’s neck to be sure of length),
7. Center the ribbon on the long side of the triangle, fold the ribbon over in two, sandwiching the cloth, and pin. Guessimating is fine, i didn’t measure. Then pin about 2 inches from the center pin on either side to help you when you stitch.
8. Cut out Wrist Straps, either out of the same ribbon or from a strip of the excess cloth (i did both)
9. Pin the wrist straps in place, location depends on child size. Use your sample child to get an approximation. I found for the 36 in capes (for a 4 yr old) the straps should be almost at the end, where as the 44 in capes were about 6 inches in from the points.
10. Sew on the ribbon neckpiece, start sewing at the far pin, and sew to the near one. Again, quick and dirty, i wasn’t going for looks here, just attaching.
11. Look at that incredibly straight seam! uh, yeah, moving on…,
12. Sew on Wrist straps, Not rocket science, just a straight or zig zag stitch back and forth so they stay on.
13. Sew velcro on each end of the Ribbon. You could of course skip this and do longer ribbon and just tie it (which I would have done with older kids), but I figured better safe than sorry. This was the biggest pain, but since i wasn’t too worried about looks, not too bad.
14. dragonwings, Here they are in full view! This is one of the larger versions.
15. Back View

That’s all there is to it! Hope you enjoy, and if anyone makes a “nicer” version of these, please share it here!

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