Dabbled's mooovin' on up…!

moo-small copyI started Dabbled.org in November of 2007. And Blogger was just peachy for my needs. Free, easy to learn, and pretty powerful for what it is. I started out with a standard template, then modified it a bit for my needs. Then played around a bit more with all that you can do within the Blogger framework.

Well, 432 posts later, Dabbled has really pushed beyond the limits of what Blogger can do. I can’t even backup the site using Blogger’s export feature, I assume because of size.

And I’d really like to make this more of a website rather than just a blog format.

In my web design sideline, I’ve been building websites based on the WordPress backend (need a website? Email me!), and loving all the cool possibilities, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and move Dabbled over to a self hosted WordPress site. It’s not quite ready yet, but I’ll post links for you guys to get a preview.

This week (and maybe next!) will be moving week..
I’ll keep you updated on my progress and lessons learned here, so if you think you may want to move Blogger to WordPress, you can learn from my mistakes!

Important: I’m going to try to do this seemlessly behind the scenes. The only thing I’m not sure will transfer correctly is my Blogger “Followers”. So you may want to get the RSS feed to be sure.

So… wish me luck! If all goes well, we’ll have a brand spanking new Dabbled.org, with great extra features!!