How to make Homemade Slime – the Photo-recipe

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Since there was some spotty behavior in the slideshow in the Homemade Slime post, I’ve decided to post it as a “Photo-recipe” here!

Make Slime! The Photo Tutorial.

Making Homemade Slime

Click through to see all the flickr pics.

1. Slime ingredients, 2. Stir the Borax and water to dissolve, 3. Pouring glue, 4. Water + glue + paint for color, 5. Pour the Borax solution into the glue mixture, 6. Stir, watch it clump up, 7. Pour off the excess water and check out your slime!, 8. Initial slime, 9. Ball it, 10. Squeeze it, 11. Ewwww…, 12. Punch it

See the full tutorial and directions here..

Enjoy the gooey fun!

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