Dragon*con Pics – Finally!

Yep, finally got around to uploading my pictures from Dragon-con. Here’s a little sampling (click to view bigger!) — Or you can see the whole set at Flickr. And there’s more stuff after the pics, so scroll down!


Coming Soon to Dabbled:

  • Coming up:  I’ll be reviewing some cookware for Cookware.com.  I tried to get them to send me an Aeron Chair to test out for them–they are so spiffy–, but I guess that was a little much ;)… So we’ll be talking frying pans!
  • If you’re in the Boston area, you can see some of my artwork up at the Museum of Science.  Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!
  • Halloween ideas — It’s never to early to start planning!  And get in on the fun – submit your ideas to Dabbled and maybe do a halloween themed guest post of your own!  Until then, check out this round-up of creepy food (including some of Dabbled’s) at Superpunch.