I need your help! (so I’m offering a prize..) (and last week’s illo friday)

MrButtonsrobotscanApparently i’ve lost a ton of feed followers with the move to WordPress (I looked at the stats and I lost half my readers!), and I need your help–I don’t want to leave anyone behind!   I know that a lot of you who read Dabbled also have blogs, and we have readers in common.  So I ask a big favor, and to encourage you, I’m also offering a prize!

So, here’s the skinny. Hopefully there are enough of you left to make this work!! If you would be so kind as to include an announcement on your next blog post telling people who follow Dabbled that they may need to update their feed (They need to go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dabbled to get the updated feed, if they haven’t seen any posts in the past few days). That’s it, just include that in your next post, and leave a comment here with a link, to enter the contest. I’ll pick one (or more, if there are enough entries) who will win a prize! So, tell your friends, please!

So what’s the prize?
Well, you can pick… Either a set of 10 postcards of the “Wizard of Oz – Poppies” print (they’ll be in the new store when it’s up!) or I’ll do a picture just for you — whatever you want – for web use or print use- , and you can have it digitally delivered to you (anything from a picture to a party invite, to a blog header). An excellent opportunity!

And I finally got a sketch for “Worn” for illustration friday this week… I’m working on coloring it, but the sketch is here for your perusal! Meant to be done in the Poppies style, I call him Mr. Buttons. His gears are a little worn and he’s a little worse for wear, but he always has candy for us kids!