Flickr Round-up: Geeky Cakes

Time yet again for another flickr Roundup.. I was thinking that it’s always fun to see interesting cake ideas for the geek in your life..and there are so many different kinds of geeks, too!  Computer/iPhone geeks, gaming geeks, star wars/star trek geeks, so there is much to choose from!  (Hey, we are all a LITTLE bit geeky I bet!)

So without further ado, here are some of the interesting geek/nerd cakes & cupcakes that I’ve found in my flickr travels. Hope you enjoy! Links to the original items can be found below the big pic.

Tomorrow we will be spotlighting more geeky fun!

cake mosaic from Flickr
1. Geek out to the max Cupcakes! iPhone Icons,
2. Rubic’s Cube Birthday Cake Love the idea of the m&m’s!,
3. Hans Solo encased in carbonite…very clever Star Wars cake!,
4. Motherboard cake – great computer geek idea,
5. Gamer Bride– the bride is apparently ‘playing’ her wedding cake,
6. Star Trek Wedding Cake – wow, this is an actual classy star trek cake!,
7. Tetris Cake – they have a bunch of how to make it pictures, too,
8. Geek Cake – everyone loves code on a cake, right?,
9. Death Star Cake – now THAT is a great simple idea for doing a Star Wars themed cake!

Along the geeky food line… remember Guacamole Han Solo and Jar Jar Salad?

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