IF: Pretend (Alice In Wonderland)

Wonderland… Is it real, or just pretend? Alice was requested in the comments last week, and there are so many great scenes one could illustrate from the stories, but I chose the Rose Garden to go with last week’s Poppieeees. (Be sure to read the In Other News below)

In the Rose Garden

I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the colors – I tried taking some of the orangy-ness out here:
Another slightly different rose gardenCLICK ME

In other news, I’m still collecting cool online shops for the holiday links page – if you have an etsy or other online shop, with cool stuff, click here for more info.

And I’m debating canceling the Holiday contest — I’m thinking this just may be too much on my plate, and I haven’t really heard any real interest yet. (And I’m definitely doing year 2 of the Black Hearted Valentine’s Day contest after the first of the year!) But if enough people are interested, I’ll do it :).

The Art Card Show (where you create a holiday greeting card or party invitation), however, I do want to do if enough people are interested, since we never really have contests for artists.

So do let me know in the comments if you are interested it either.