Illustration Friday – Clique

Inspired by the feeling you have when you really want to be part of a clique, but you’re not invited…

Actually, I need some constructive feedback on this. I just drew this up with the thought of including it in a fundraiser auction for the boy’s school (the original pen drawing framed in a simple black frame.) Do you think parents of preschoolers would buy this? Maybe if i did a happy robot to go with him would be better? Or should I go color? Is the ‘rough’ style ok? (Man, I ask a lot of questions!) edit: i added a few other possibilities at the bottom…


Edit: For color, here are some others that I could donate – they aren’t my favorites – mostly experimenting with the medium (is that wrong to donate work you don’t like that much??!) (ignore the shadows on the scans, they arent there on the originals) But they are kid friendly i think. Thoughts on these?

princess love-bots clown boygirl pforpenguin
Click through to see full size.

And calling all artists, the halloween contest!

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