Illustration Friday – Clique

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Inspired by the feeling you have when you really want to be part of a clique, but you’re not invited…

Actually, I need some constructive feedback on this. I just drew this up with the thought of including it in a fundraiser auction for the boy’s school (the original pen drawing framed in a simple black frame.) Do you think parents of preschoolers would buy this? Maybe if i did a happy robot to go with him would be better? Or should I go color? Is the ‘rough’ style ok? (Man, I ask a lot of questions!) edit: i added a few other possibilities at the bottom…


Edit: For color, here are some others that I could donate – they aren’t my favorites – mostly experimenting with the medium (is that wrong to donate work you don’t like that much??!) (ignore the shadows on the scans, they arent there on the originals) But they are kid friendly i think. Thoughts on these?

princess love-bots clown boygirl pforpenguin
Click through to see full size.

And calling all artists, the halloween contest!

…Spread the word, because if the winner found the contest via you/your blog, you’ll win a prize too! Get your Halloween button here!

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  • Liora [] :

    Rough lines work very well. The shapes are good, too. You should go color, otherwise preschool parents might not “get” it. (They might also prefer a happier look.) But this works GREAT and the poor chap looks so very disappointed.

  • Dot [] :

    thanks, Yeah, these are pretty ‘hip’ parents generally, but I was thinking that too..

  • Erin K [] :

    I love these all! I’d for sure consider buying them. Kids love color, but the black/white is fun too.

  • Juan [] :

    I like all Nancy, but would elect the “clown”.
    Great illustrations!

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    I do really like this robot, he might be a little sad for the auction. I also think the P is for penguin is a good candidate.

  • Anonymous [] :

    How about a robot hand giving this guy a flower so he can have a smile? Or, put that one after the original.

  • SENTA [] :

    I think he is so adorable, I personally would buy him just the way he is, maybe with some color added. The roughness is definitely part of the charm! I love his facial expression. It makes me want to hug him.

    I also like the clown, or the boy robot you have. Good luck!!

  • Some Art Fabric [] :

    I have a bit of experience with pre school auctions and orginal art and I would go with color and not your original art work. We are at a fairly hip pre school and whenever I donate my artwork I am generally disappointed with the results. I often get “this is great can you do it this way” or in these colors or with my son as the robot. I would not send the ones you don’t really like cause you are going to the effort to frame them and they might end up back at your house. Also our school auction has a minimum that you can add so that if no one wants to pay your minimum then you get it back. I learned that after one of my quilts went for 50.00, the fabric in the quilt was more than that. Now we just write a check, not as much fun but the goal is fund raising.

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    Your little guy is so cute and adorable! I love the expression on his little face. I like him raw with no color. The line work is so delicious! It’s just works. Great illustration

  • Sophie [] :

    I like the look on his face – very thoughtful and contemplative (is that a word?) And whilst he’s not a happy robot, he doesn’t look unhappy either – it has a nice feel about it. Have you thought about colouring this one?…

    And to answer your other question… I don’t think it’s bad to use work you don’t like. It’s not like the work is bad. We are our own worst critics sometimes.

  • Good N Crazy [] :

    Okay…your sad robot is too sad, VERY cute but too sad for kids at school?

    I LOVE the color ones…

    I vote for the 4th one over with the two little robot tykes girl/boy you said you could split apart?

    Oh and the princessy…showin’ some leg girl!

  • Bobo Cat [] :

    I personally like this, but I learn from my 9 year-old nephew, kids love colorful and cheerful characters.

  • Angela [] :

    I love this robot!!! I think he’s perfect as a line drawing.

    I’m not a parent, but I would think anyone would be scrambling to snatch this cute little dude up! :)

    If you decide color would be best at the auction then I would go with the 4th one with the 2 robots maybe in 2 frames. The colors are nice and bold.

  • Anonymous [] :

    I love the pictures. No it is not wrong to donate what you don’t like remember art is subjective. I love the boy girl it is perfect. P for penguin is a little dull in color.

  • Alina Chau [] :

    cute characters!!

  • Carli [] :

    I am the mom of two preschoolers and i would definetly buy this piece. I have two suggestions for you though. I would color the stars or maybe the background just to give it a little color while keeping the quirky look of it. I would also put a bandage on the star that he is holding to explain his expression( like he is sad for the star) I think that way your illustration is telling more of a story and parents will be more likely to purchase it. I love the rough lines and your robot is so adorable!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks for all the great feedback!