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halloween-botThis is the official post for your entries. Links to entries should be submitted via comment in this thread, or via email.

Here’s the official rules for the Halloween Extravaganza Contest:

The Rules: Your entry can be art, craft, or food. For Halloween, this includes Costume and Decoration ideas as well.

Post a link to your entry preferably IN THIS THREAD (or you can email it to me). Entry should include a link to the item. You can link to a blog, website or etsy, or flickr pictures. Post pictures, and extra credit for instructions or recipes

Judges are still in the works, i’ll update this post with the info. If you’re a past winner, and are not participating this time, you’re eligible to be a Judge – email me. Also Sponsors are eligible.

Deadline: WED OCT 29!

Prizes: Fame! Fortune! Well, a tad of fame, anyway! There will be prizes, including a link over to your blog for the coolest submissions. Prizes will include several donated prizes by our Sponsors, plus custom artwork. Also you’ll receive a nifty “I Won” button for your site!

Other details:
– you can enter as many items as you want, but you can only win with one entry.
– post each entry in a different comment, please.
– If you’re featured during the Halloween Features, you’ll still need to enter on this post with whichever items you are entering.
– I’ll update this more later with the Sponsor info.
– If you use flickr, please add your item to the Dabbled flickr pool too! (The pool is , but still link it here if you want it counted.)

Happy Halloweening!

PS: Check out here for all the other ways to participate in the Halloween Extravaganza.
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41 Comment(s) »

  • aceiatx [] :

    Hi, I made some t-shirts.
    The pumpkin shirt ideas came from Family Fun magazine, but the others are all my own design. Check out the black one with bleached out bats! I think it turned out to be the coolest one!

  • Dot [] :

    Hey, if you’re entering the contest, you can get a button that says “I’m Entering!” here:
    (the fourth, fifth and sixth ones down.)


  • Good N Crazy [] :

    Does my little shopblog count?

    They are the cutest little goody bags?

    Sorry if this looks like marketing…
    I swear I won’t let any of your readers buy anything…unless they beg of course!

  • Crafts by Alice [] :

    Here is my first entry, “Something for your sweet tooth!” or three felt poison lollipops.

    I have a second entry coming too, but it is crocheted so it is a little more difficult.

  • Prpldy [] :

    Here’s the first of my entries…a Halloween card,

  • Joy [] :

    I just found this I clicked the link on “Dot’s” blog.

    Here is my first one it is a Halloween Witch tutu

    I have a post about it in my blog.

    But the picture I have on etsy you can see it better.

  • Joy [] :

    And here is my second entry. It is the same post in my blog but I am entering the Orange/black halloween tutu with ribbon.

  • wendy [] :

    Oooh, such a cute idea! I’ve made up a little “advent calender” but for Halloween. It’s for my nieces, who are 5 and 2. No candy allowed in it, so it’s full of little stuffies and barrettes I made up and things.

  • Anjie Davison [] :

    Anjie Pom Pom Emporium
    Hi I have designed some really easy to make Halloween lanterns, hope they bring a warm glow. I saw your contest on Tissue papers blog
    My entry link here.

  • Prpldy [] :

    Here is my next entry into this fun contest….

    It’s a painted and beaded Pumpkin Broach.

  • Anjie Davison [] :

    Cuddly fat bat and spider pom pom halloween decorations. So easy to make both boys and girls will love to make these!

  • Jenna Z [] :

    My first decoration up this year was a new wreath I made:

    Made from tree branches, a strand of lights and a dollar-store skeleton!

  • Jenna Z [] :

    In my etsy store, I just listed two Yo-settes for Halloween. Yo-settes are embellished rosette ribbons made into brooches!

  • Amy from Texas [] :

    Hi. I have a few things Halloween.

    I designed a Pumpkin Party Invitation, Halloween Tags and Scrapbook Kit. These are available as FREE downloads on my site. You can find them all here:

    This is my witchy front porch. Check out the pumpkin, she’s cute:


  • Cathy [] :

    I just found this and listed it on my blog about blogging events. Looks like fun!

    Cathy :)

  • Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons [] :

    What a great contest.

    Here is an easy Halloween treat.

    It came from one of my cookbooks but for the life of me I don’t know whick one. The kids took off with it and now “Not Me” has it.

  • Anjie Davison [] :

    I have designed a free downloadable potion label to stick on your halloween drinks bottles. Children can have fun colouring it in.

  • Anjie Davison [] :

    I have designed a free downloadable potion label to stick on your halloween drinks bottles. Children can have fun colouring it in.

  • tamdoll [] :

    This is so much fun, glad I found your site!
    Here’s my witch brooch at etsy:
    and at flickr:
    and here’s my blog, where I’m going to go put the button at now:

  • Crafts by Alice [] :

    Here is my second entry, a crocheted and felt arsenic cup cozy:

  • Amy from Texas [] :

    I just had a pumpkin painting party and made a cute Minnie Mouse Pumpkin:

  • tamdoll [] :

    I finally finished my Halloween cuff – here it is at flickr:
    and here it is at etsy for a few days before I take it to a local shop (if it’s not sold):

  • HElen [] :

    Such a wonderful and fun contest.
    My link is
    under Pumpkin and spiders and fun

    I handpainted decorative pumpkin and added a few embellishments in spirit of Halloween.

    I got your link from

    Thanks, Helen

  • Dave Gugel [] :

    Thanks for holding this contest! I love Halloween and my entry is about to prove that.

    Every year I decorate the inside and outside of my house. For this entry I am entering the exterior of my home. Most people don’t realize that much of what you see is set design. So, I included a “before” photo of my house here in Florida.

    Thanks again!

  • mary beth [] :

    How exciting! I have a quick and simple craft on my site with instructions and a template (available via email). It is for pumpkin can buddies, made from cans (recycle)and paint. I hope you like it.

    I love your site and I’ll be back! mb

  • Amy from Texas [] :

    I made a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin.

  • Amy from Texas [] :

    Here are some of my family themed costumes:

  • Amy from Texas [] :

    I also made coasters for goodies at a party once. Here is a tutorial.

    The link to my pumpkin witch is wrong in my previous comment. You can see it on the page I linked to here.


  • Anya Kase [] :

    Hi! What a great contest, and what a cute blog! This fall I have been busy making lots of goodies. This one is a Day of the Dead doll I made a friend. Its a basic doll pattern but I hand embroidered her face.


  • Anya Kase [] :

    So I got another one for you. This project was just a little pillow I crayon tinted, tea-dyed and hand embroidered. I used glow in the dark thread on her face but you cant really see that. LOL! This is a BadBirds embroidery pattern she is giving away on her blog.

    Thanks for looking!

  • Anya Kase [] :

    This project I made for the Fall Craftster challenge. It is one of the reason I love the fall, Pumpkins! Jack-o-lanterns especially. I used seed beads in the “guts” for pumpkin seeds.

    Thanks again!

  • panwashu [] :

    One of my favorite pumpkin carvings that I’ve designed myself:

    I love carving pumpkins and then roasting the seeds with some cinnamon, sugar and butter! Try it!

  • Brenda Jean [] :

    Cool contest! I came up with a thrift but cool zombie costume for my teen. It’s here: I’m grabbing the button and putting on my blog too. Thanks:)

  • Heather Sitarzewski [] :

    Here’s a fun game for the little halloween lovers

  • Heather Sitarzewski [] :

    Get your Bat Boogers here… Test Tube Treats. So yummy!

  • heather Sitarzewski [] :

    Halloween Decor – Crafty Jack Skellington

  • Heather Sitarzewski [] :

    ok Last one I think… More halloween decorations and goodie containers

  • Vanessa [] :

    Whew, sliding in just in time! I just spent waaaay too much time reading through all your Halloween posts, that face in a jar is so great!

    Here’s my humble entry:

  • Dot [] :

    Jen doesn’t have a blog, so I’m posting this for her:

    I love to peruse your site when I have time, though with two little ones (one of which was featured below), I don’t have much time to breath, let alone surf my favorite sites! Thanks for all the neat stuff to contemplate, though I am also a great “starter” and a not so great “finisher”, so I just window shop and dream most days…

    Anyway, I thought that I would share some pics with you of my first real costume (other than the chili pepper bunting costume, which barely counts) for my son Elijah. He was 2 1/2 at the time, and, being a novice seamstress, I kind of made it up as I went along. It is hilariously big on him, but he was so obsessed with these sharks (Wobbegongs) that he was overjoyed to wear it around the neighborhood. He still wants to wear it occasionally, and it lives in the top bunk in his room, so it was worth the time spent! I made it from some scrap fleece, and painted it with non-toxic tempera paints. Most of it was machine stitched, though the face part was hand stitched, and I included the plastic head frame from a child’s batting helmet for extra support (also stitched into place). I didn’t have a pattern (still don’t – I am sure that this will be a one-off costume!), so I worked from a drawing that my husband made for me. I have included a picture of a real wobbe, just for reference. I am sure that I have more pics (perhaps better ones, in fact), but I thought I would just forward these before my Mommy Brain kicks in again and I totally forget!

    Incidentally, I don’t have a blog or anything like that- just don’t have the time or the inclination ! I love to read them though. ;-) Hope that I can still send in my entry anyway…

    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

    Jen Straw, Pittsburgh PA

    PS, My son, now three, has decided that he wants to be a Hammerhead shark this year. I am hoping to persuade him otherwise…;-)

    Check it out here!

  • Dot [] :

    Contest is over, judges are judging, thanks for playing!

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