Illustration Friday – Island

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Yes, 2 posts in one day, what’s the world coming to? :) Do check out the mini wedding cake cookies from earlier, if you missed them.. too cool!

This is from some sketches I did for a commissioned piece that fell through. I figured why not color it for IF today! No ‘Bot is an Island, you know..

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  • Katie [] :

    That is cute dot. I love the bow on the girl bot. Also, love the background. Well…I love all of it. Art jobs fall through sometimes, but that can’t stop us from doing what we love anyway.

  • Nancy Bea Miller [] :

    Adorable! Such cheery attractive colors, too!

  • JJ [] :

    I love the cheerful colours! Very very happy and cute :D

  • Vhrsti [] :

    Yeah, thi is supercute ;-)
    Very very nice!

  • bobo [] :

    Haha! I’m amused with the girl robot’s short legs, it’s amazing that she’s able to balance the bike!

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    totally cute !!! I see I’m not the only one enjoying turquoise and gold these days !!

  • Dot [] :

    thanks! yeah, i have no idea how her legs reach the pedals. but maybe they extend!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    this is adorable!!! wonderful colors…

  • Rui Sousa [] :

    sweet work!


  • Juan [] :

    Great illustration Nancy! Excellent

  • ValGalArt [] :

    this is wonderful dot! The little bird is darling :) i’m loving the wedding cake cookie favours too!!!

  • johanna [] :

    yeah robots need friends too :) love the cute little robots!

  • SENTA [] :

    Very sweet, love the colors!

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    Looks like the bots have made a very nice connection. Sweet, and wonderful colors! Speaking of sweet, mmmmmmm! Those wedding favors look amazing! What a fabulous idea!