Wedding Cake Cookie Favors

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I survived the wedding this weekend — the ringbearer was adorable and made it down the aisle no problem!

And I took the opportunity to help out with a wedding favor making project which was really gorgeous. Homemade sugar cookies, iced and stacked like mini wedding cakes. And I took pictures to bring back to share with you guys!

The bride had taken on this project, actually made/baked all the cookies, and we were helping out getting them all assembled. Quite a task, since we needed like 130 of them. At 8 cookies a piece, you do the math! I’m not sure where she got the idea – I think a magazine.

The Process:

The Cookies:
Making the cookie cakesThe original prototype was done by cutting out each cookie with cookie cutters. However with the number of cookies involved, this wasn’t very feasible. So they chilled and rolled the homemade dough into logs of 3, 2, and 1 inch in diameter. This allowed them to slice the dough like those cookie dough logs you can buy in the grocery store. Note that this made them slightly less round, but it added to the homemade ‘martha-esque’ quality. The number of cookie cakes you need would determine the amount of dough. Each ‘cake’ has 3 3-in rounds, 3 2-inch rounds, and 2 1-inch rounds.
IMPORTANT: Your cookie dough recipe should not have any leavening in it (ie no baking powder or baking soda), so the cookies bake flat.

Other ingredients: Premade icing flowers for the top, purchased tubs of buttercream icing. The plastic boxes were found online. And they tied each box with a length of ribbon.

Making the cookie cakesPretty self explanatory.
Sort your cookies by size/shape, and prepare stacks for each layer.
The icing is the ‘glue’ that holds the cookies together, so ice each cookie to make a layer stack. If the icing has dried by the time you stack the next layer, add an extra dollop to glue them together. We found the easiest thing to do was to assemble each layer stack separately, then put the bottom layer in the bottom of the box after it dried (use a dollop of icing in the bottom of the box to glue it to the bottom of the box.) Then assemble the top 2 layers and stack together. Add your flower to the top while the icing is still wet. Let those set, and then glue the top 2 layers to the bottom layer already in the box.
Making the cookie cakesMaking the cookie cakes