Illustration Friday – Packed

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The Bots are all packed for vacation! I didn’t like the way the colors turned out on the original, so I tried some more muted versions. What do you think looks better (scroll down to see)? I tried to use minimal colors in this. I may still play around with the colors because I’m just not loving them.

(click though, the lines look funky shrunk down like this)
Bot Tourists



Oh, and check out all the neato Halloween stuff I’m doing on dabbled this month!


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  • Edrian Thomidis [] :

    These bots look like they will have a fun trip! I personally like the colors of the one with the blue background. Fun characters!

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    ooh I want to go and I’m packed! This little guy is so cool. I love your very soft colors it works so well with the line. Excellent!

  • SweetMissDaisy (Anna Wight) [] :

    What FUN! =) I like the second illo, with the soft colors. His little robot flag is the best!! “Peace-Out, Homeyzzz!” =)

  • Cookie Sunshine [] :

    I hear Elton John singing Rocket Man! This is wonderful! I think this was such a fun topic. There are so many different ideas this week. Your work is adorable. I’m adding you to my list of blogs that I follow.

  • krisztina maros [] :

    goodbye little robots, have a nice trip! :)

    so lovely illo! i’d prefer the last colour-version (‘mute’).

  • Chica and Jo [] :

    Art truly is in the eye of the beholder. I love the bright blue background and other colors in the top one! You seem to have fans of all of them though!

  • murphy girl [] :

    jeez….my boring old family always moved on a truck.

  • Juan [] :

    Hey Nancy! Excellent work again. I prefer the second version, with soft background :)

  • Michael [] :

    liking the middle colours. there’s only two suitcases. is that why the middle robot looks a little worried. nice work. and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Hi Nancy!!! this is wonderful…all your cute bots are ready to go!

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    I actually like the colors of the first one. My only suggestion would be just a touch lighter on the blue back ground. I do like the muted one too, even the one with the teal background, but maybe a touch lighter on that one too. Anyway, they are very cute how ever you do it!

  • ArtSparker [] :

    I like the first colors. I think in general it's very appealing, but wonder if a darker band for the figure s& rocket to stand on might pull it together?

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    I love your bots as always! Think the second piece is my favourite. (I just grossed out my husband with your flayed skin cheeseball! hehe)

  • Ellen Byrne [] :

    Very clever work!

  • ValGalArt [] :

    gee this is so hard because they all have there own special feel! I would be hard pressed to choose because the top one is awesome and pops but the muted shades are hip and pretty too. I’m no help :P I love everything you do!

  • Sylvia Jenstad [] :

    I think all are great…too cute… I’m sure whatever the colours they will have a great time…

  • Sylvia Jenstad [] :

    I think all are great…too cute… I’m sure whatever the colours they will have a great time…

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Oh what fun! I’m really digging the color scheme of the top one– but all of them work great. Excellent!

  • Rrramone [] :

    Is there room for one more??

  • bobo [] :

    After a long thoughts, I think I’ll vote for the last one! Btw, I like their suitcases and those stickers!