Halloween Food – Flayed Skin Cheeseball

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Flesh face

A Dabbled original… well, my friend Erka created it for our party a few years ago, and i have no idea where she got the idea. Anyways, it’s a perenial favorite — disgusting and yummy!

NEW! Directions done as an Instructable, with new eyeball tips!

Basically, you’ll need a face mold. Mine is from the art store. A halloween mask might work as well if you covered the eye holes. Line the inside of the mold with plastic wrap. Cover the inside of the mold completely with proscuitto. Shread it into small pieces first, as large swathes look cool, but are really hard to eat. Then mix up a cheese ball mixture. I think ours has been different every year, but google is your friend. You’ll need probably a double recipe, depending on the size of your mold. Ours usually has shredded cheddar and cream cheese, and something for a spicy kick. Press your cheese ball mixture into the mold, and chill. Remove from mold onto a plate, add eyes using sliced olives. (This idea for making the pupil/iris from the Evil Mad Scientists might be a nice idea as well). Surround the face with crackers or pita chips, and Enjoy~!

Easy Peasy to make and an impressive presentation!

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