Illustration Friday – Plain

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Friday night i was scribbling around, and came up with this guy.

Pencil sketch, colored in photoshop.
Click through to see full since the side is being cut off.

And hey, while you’re here, check out the Anti-Valentines Day illo & craft contest!

Illustration Friday - Plain

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  • Alice [] :

    I love the cans of wd 40 in the background… but I feel so sorry for the poor guy!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    nice work on the robot and the colour is very sweeeeeeeet….

    the oil cans are a cool touch..

    great work


  • jim [] :

    There’s nothing like drowning your sorrows in a can of Wd40 and a bowl of nuts.

  • enigma [] :

    haha—nice robot.

  • Faruffa [] :

    oh! sweet sweet little robot … solo soletto

  • Digital Scott's illustrationblog [] :

    I like your colors a lot! And drinking WD40! That made my laugh out loud!!!

  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Oh, so sad! Nothing like drowning your sorrows with a bit of WD! ;-)

  • sketched out [] :

    Poor little guy. He needs to work on his self esteem issues. No good ever came from abusing WD40!

    Adorable illustration!

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt [] :

    LOL! Great WD 40 cans, But sad, yeah. :-( boo hoo. I’m not alone but I feel alone looking at this.

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt [] :

    I did visit the illo on FLICKR t couldn’t remember my sign in.

  • Aspa [] :

    This is so much fun! Great work.