The Dabbled Black Heart Anti-Valentines Contest

HEY! This is the 2008 Contest – the 2009 Contest is going on now HERE :)

edited to clarify some rules — thanks to all that have entered thus far!
Everyone’s doing valentines contests right now (or will be soon), but wouldn’t an anti-valentines contest be cooler?

The Rules:
Quite Simple: The theme is anti-valentines. Something a bit darker/creepier than you average valentine project–or however you interpret “Anti-Valentine”. Illustrations or any sort of craft project welcome. Simply create your offering, and either post the link to it as a comment in this thread (if you don’t mind others seeing it), or email it to me at Dot[at]Dabbled[dot]org (if you prefer secrecy!)- please put “Contest” in the header of your email.
You can enter more than once, but only 1 of your entries can win (i.e. the same person can’t win 1st and 2nd place)

The Time Frame:
Entries must be received by 11:oo PM Eastern US time on Feb 12.

The Prizes:
The coolest stuff will be featured on, linking back to all your equally cool stuff if you provide a website. And the *top* winners will receive either a stuffed cashmere black heart, or an original sketch of a suitably black hearted nature.

Cool idea??

Image credit: bebop717 CC licensed via flickr