The Dabbled Black Heart Anti-Valentines Contest

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HEY! This is the 2008 Contest – the 2009 Contest is going on now HERE :)

edited to clarify some rules — thanks to all that have entered thus far!
Everyone’s doing valentines contests right now (or will be soon), but wouldn’t an anti-valentines contest be cooler?

The Rules:
Quite Simple: The theme is anti-valentines. Something a bit darker/creepier than you average valentine project–or however you interpret “Anti-Valentine”. Illustrations or any sort of craft project welcome. Simply create your offering, and either post the link to it as a comment in this thread (if you don’t mind others seeing it), or email it to me at Dot[at]Dabbled[dot]org (if you prefer secrecy!)- please put “Contest” in the header of your email.
You can enter more than once, but only 1 of your entries can win (i.e. the same person can’t win 1st and 2nd place)

The Time Frame:
Entries must be received by 11:oo PM Eastern US time on Feb 12.

The Prizes:
The coolest stuff will be featured on, linking back to all your equally cool stuff if you provide a website. And the *top* winners will receive either a stuffed cashmere black heart, or an original sketch of a suitably black hearted nature.

Cool idea??

Image credit: bebop717 CC licensed via flickr

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31 Comment(s) »

  • Ulf Borgenstam [] :

    Interesting idea. I’m going to keep this in the back of my mind for a while and see what will happen :)

  • Missy [] :

    Here is a link to the Black Heart Felt Patch that I make. Enjoy!

  • Dot [] :

    Missy, very cute! I like it!

  • Shmemily [] :

    Oh my! I am soo excited now. Im going to work on this and post something later!

  • crafty carolinagirl [] :

    This sounds really great. I have two ideas, but we’ll see what I can come up with.

  • littlerobot [] :

    Ooo – I’m not sure if this one counts but I think it’s slightly different, a cut card.

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt [] :

    heh he h heh, I love it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love valentine’s day!

    But how fun to enrich ourselves by seeing the other side of it.

    Cen we enter more than once?

    I want to know if I should wait until Feb 12 to enter the one and only or enter various ideas and attempts as I go along. LOL!

  • carrieme [] :

    Here is my entry, a Love Bites Cookie…poor little thing

  • Dot [] :

    great entries everyone! Keep it up!

    Yes, you can enter more than 1 item, but you can only win with 1 of them.

  • Forever Young [] :

    blooming brilliant, i am gonna start on mine today, valentine’s bah humbug!!!

  • Capivara [] :

    uh…I decapitated the cupid.

  • Capivara [] :

    Uh… I decapitated the cupid.

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt [] :

    OK, I did my first anti-valentine, it’s kind of ugly though. Even though it was intentional, I still don’t like its ugliness.

    Soon Forgotten

  • Mary Stebbins Taitt [] :

    I did three more anti valentines–I’m thinking of it as a theme or challenge rather than a contest, because everyone else is a better artist, so I’m just having fun with it. I did yesterday’s on my upstairs computer which is really old and I haven’t been able to post it yet.

    Today, I did two, which I posted to Monday artday and also here:

    men for breakfast

    I don’t know why this is resonating for me, maybe because I was upset with with BB when I started.

  • Jennifer [] :

    I don’t know what to call it, really, but I’m fond of it.

  • Jennifer [] :

    Goddammit. Okay, tiny url’d it:

  • BReid [] :

    Very fun idea!



  • moxie [] :

    here’s what i came up with:

    this was a fun constraint for fostering creativity. thanks so much!

  • Shmemily [] :

    are you tired of wearing your broken heart on your sleeve?

    try wearing it around your neck. lol

    this is a necklace i made out of and old watch.

    sorry it doesn’t look like much, but in the background it says “id rather be a bitch than be an ordinary broken heart”
    lyrics from my favorite band The Dresden Doll’s, that i think fit very well. lol
    and the little heart is loose inside and can move around. hope you like it. ill try to get a better picture if you want

  • Samantha [] :

    Here are my dark valentine, or rather anti- valentine submissions!! All three are on flickr and my blog: in my free valentine’s day card section.

  • Susan Sager Brown [] :

    Visit my blog and scroll down to my anti-valentine: To Have a Heart! Love this idea!

  • Peggradyart [] :

    Here’s what Mae West said…couldn’t resist putting it on one of my towels.

  • Jennifer [] :

    Made a little black hearted knitted ring, reversible too for those a little more fickle.

  • Kakariki [] :

    here’s my entry :) It’s the patriarchy gots ta go cross stitch kit

  • craftyminx [] :

    oooh I love this! Here are mine:

    same idea but in magnet form

    there are full directions on my blog if anyone is interested.

  • Piroska [] :

    Great idea. Here is a Anti-Valentine’s style card on my blog

  • lampes lumps [] :

    Poo on Valentine’s give me Flowers just because not because Hallmark told you too! Here’s my Anti Valentine that hangs in my house!

  • aurora [] :

    Cool idea !I will send you an e-mail with my anti-valentines idea.

  • craftycarolinagirl [] :

    Here is my entry, “Darling, how about a cup of tea?”

    I will be posting to to my blog on Valentine’s Day.

  • Bitterbetty [] :

    Here is an assemblage I made from a cadaver illustration in full swoon.

    thanks for the contest. It was so fun.

  • eloise [] :

    This is such a cool idea.

    Here’s my entry. (Think I could come any closer to the deadline?) It’s a little more of an illustration than the other entries, but I hope you guys like it!