Illustration Friday – Primitive

Falling back on an old standby – Robots!

The Primative Robot:
Illustration Friday - Primative
Pencil sketch, scanned and colored in Photoshop.

I was playing around with alot of different ideas around the idea of a primitive robot. I was actually sketching a robot to look like ‘old iron’ (an old mainframe computer from the dark ages – like the 40s/50s). But the idea of making the robot a headhunter, with shrunken robot heads in his hand, kept pulling on my mind, and this is what came out. the original idea was less dark — no pile of robot parts for him to be standing on — but it worked well as a background i think, and it was fun to draw.

Which is, of course, the point!

So, anyone know what the tip of his spear is supposed to be? I’ll be impressed!
[edit: the answer is linked in the comments thread, if you’re interested :)]

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