Recycling! (A late earth day post)

In honor of earth day, i was going to ‘recycle’ some of my posts on using recycled materials for cool stuff. then i got busy and missed earth day. so even though it’s late, i hope you enjoy it!

Sweater recycling:
Old sweaters (and you know we all have them) are a fun and easy thing to recycle. They are forgiving of mediocre sewing skills as well..
here are some ideas…

The Ele-purse – great for little girls!

The easy peasy hostess gifty – the wine cozy!

The always adorable Octopuppet
Henri, the Octo-puppet

Another cute toy, the sweater snake!

non-sweater related…
Recycling furniture into toys!
The uber-cool play stove-includes tutorial
The Boy's new homemade Play Stove