Inman Park Festival Recap (Crafty Preview: Part 1 of 3)

(Today: Crafts & Jewelry–More craftiness coming tomorrow!. Then monday: Artists.)
The long awaited recap is here! We have a lovely time at Inman Park Fest here in Atlanta every year, and every year there are some wonderful artists and crafters that I discover. This year we were there especially early, so I got a chance to wander around and take some pics before it got too busy, and chat with a few people too!

I’m working up a more detailed post on several of the cool vendors I met and their cute stuff, but I’m trying to make sure I have everyone properly credited with their work–That will be up tomorrow!
So to tide you over, here’s a few fun shots of the festival and some of the neat crafty stuff we saw:

Mosaic 1: Some vendor shots Mosaic 2: More festival pics

Preview: Random Vendor Booth Shots - Inman Park Fest 2009 Atlanta

Random Inman Park Pics by me

Set 1 (Vendors):

1. Vendor Booth – Inman Park Fest- Whipstitch, 2. Birdfeeders, 3. Pretty – Made by recycling glass bottles, 4. The Hotlanta Hot Sauce Guy, 5. Hotlanta Hot Sauce- Inman Park Fest, 6. Vendor Booths – Inman Park Fest, 7. Vendor Booths – Inman Park Fest8. Cute Tea Towels, but can’t remember the vendor! 9. couturecycle

Set 2, Random Pics
1. Inman Park Fest Parade 2009, 2. Marching Abominable Band, 3. Ms. B from Publix, 4. Attache Team, 5. The Princess, 6. Riding in the parade