Make a Tart!

tartBecause I’m a nerd at heart, I tweeted the process of making a blueberry orange tart the other day.  For those who happened to miss it on twitter, here is the transcript and the pics!

Note:  All pictures taken on my blackberry, so quality is not so high, but you get the idea.

I used my basic blueberry pie recipe, but substituted orange zest & juice for the lemon.  I also added slices of orange to the top which candied up nicely for a little different twist.

And instead of doing this in a pie pan, I used a tart pan (I love the one I have, and it’s on sale for half-price at Amazon right now!)

So, here’s the tweets… Click through on the twitpic links to see the pictures!

DotatDabbled – How to make a tart. Live recipe tweet ! #makeatart

DotatDabbled – Mixing flour, sugar, spices #makeatart

DotatDabbled – Blueberries mixed with dry ingred – ready to pour into pan #makeatart

DotatDabbled – The 4 year old helped put some top pastry on..#makeatart

DotatDabbled – And now we wait… #makeatart

DotatDabbled For those following along on #makeatart, here’s a link to the recipe I’m using (modded to fit a tart pan)

DotatDabbled – Oh yeah . Its as good as it looks. Nomnomnom #makeatart

Since I was lazy and didn’t make my own crust, (and my pan is 11in), I had to tack on extra crust from the top crust onto the bottom.  Not the neatest job every, but hey, it looks homemade, right!?