Make Roses… for everything!

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Flowers are a great decoration for crafts and food alike!  And roses particularly have romantic connotations, or are just plain lovely.

(Well, except the Bacon Roses, those are just plain weird.)

I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately, so here are a few ways to make them:

Some fun Rose Making Links:

<<Here’s a rose “chip” made from Beets!  Such a clever idea for a ‘savory’ rose!  See the how-to at Eye Candy. Also some done with purple potatoes (see pic above)

Little Birdie Secrets has a tutorial on making really pretty paper roses, that looks very neat!  Love the end product…>>

starting with the smaller of your teardrops, wrap each petal around your flower base and continue until you are satisfied with the size

<<Another one from Eye Candy – Make these cute radish roses.. dyed pink using beets!

For your sweet tooth, Grieg shows us how to make Tootsie Roll roses, here at Dabbled.>>

More paper rose ideas:

Crepe Paper Roses

Origami Roses

What cool ideas could you see doing with these!?
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  • Heather - Dollar Store Crafts [] :

    Ha ha ha! Bacon and roses… just don’t go together.

  • Kylie [] :

    Oh wow I have never seen such thing, though I do have to say it dose look pretty!

  • Chris [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Ok, I love these ideas. RT @DotatDabbled Make Roses…:a great decoration for crafts and food alike! And roses p…

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Glad you guys like them!

  • FW- Dot Dorsner [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    From Dabbled yesterday – Make Roses! Check out these food decoration ideas – fried roses made from beets?

  • FW- Dot Dorsner [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Make valentines day roses out of food!