Pretty boiled eggs (so you can tell them apart from the raw ones in the fridge!)

boil eggs with onion skins for a pretty brown egg color
I hesitate to publish this right before Easter, as it’s really a year round egg hack, not an easter egg hack, but I suppose it is extra useful at Easter, where you might want some pretty brown eggs. If you’re looking for fancier Easter egg ideas, you can find some here, here, .. and an Easter basket here. So I usually buy a big thing of eggs, and boil a handful of them ahead of time to throw in lunchboxes or to make tuna salad with, or whatever, and I like to be able to tell them apart from the non-boiled at a glance.  … [ KEEP READING ]

How to make an adorable Needle Felted Alien

Make a Needle Felted Alien photo
We’re always looking for cute (and maybe a little silly or geeky) crafts here on Dabbled, so when Lark Crafts offered a tutorial to share with you guys from their new book Wee Felt Worlds, I said, “Yes, Please!” The book has a bunch of really cute creatures and scenes you can create with needle felting – everything from a silly science lab, to a sweet shop, to a pirate island… with easy to follow instructions.   It looks like it would be a good introduction to the craft of needle felting, you don’t have to already know how to do it.… [ KEEP READING ]

Make your own Retro Inspired Canvas Print (Tutorial)

how to make your own Retro photo canvas - tutorial
How to transfer a photo to canvas for a neat, retro look! This is a fun project if you’d like an inexpensive way to make your own “canvas print”, and you like a retro, old fashioned feel.  It makes a great gift, too (like the one used in the tutorial, a great wedding momento!) I did this for my December post on FedEx’s Out of Office blog.  It is easy to do, but be warned it is a bit time consuming when you get to the final step of removing the paper from the canvas, so I wouldn’t go any larger than 8×10″ for this project.… [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial: Make Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds Cupcakes Tutorial
My son, he who inspired the Clone Trooper Cupcakes, Dragon Cake, and Perry the Platypus Cake, is obsessed with Angry Birds.  Well, he’s really obsessed with about a dozen games on the iPhone or Android when we’ll let him play them — and he got to play a lot while we were on vacation in Mexico.  And we had a 4 hour delay so I played my share of Angry Birds, too.  Anyway.  So here they are in cupcake form (here are a bunch of other Angry Birds creations, too).  Lots of fun to make, and quite tasty, too!… [ KEEP READING ]

Octopus Baby Shower Cookies

For a friend’s baby shower, we did an octopus theme (the mom was having twins, so the theme was “she’s going to need 8 arms!” These cookies match the invitation. Here are the cookies I made as shower favors.  They weren’t overly difficult, but a tad time consuming. I’ll post the recipe in a later post if anyone is interested, but basically it’s a non-leavened sugar cookie, covered with royal icing.  With small skewers for sticks, inserted before the cookie is baked. The octopus is drawn on freehand, and it doesn’t take artistic talent… Everyone is cute, unique, and just a little bit ‘wopty’!… [ KEEP READING ]

Part 2: Perry the Platypus Costume tutorial- UPDATED!

The Boy is going as Mr. Freeze for halloween this year, but he’s wearing last year’s Perry the Platypus (Agent P!) costume to school on Friday. I started thinking about it, and decided it needed a bit of an update, so here is Perry, V 2.0! I decided it needed big Perry eyes, so I added 2 ping pong balls, colored with Sharpie marker. I also added a drawstring around the hoodie that I never got around to doing last year, so that it sits closer to his face. Just those minor adjustments really add a lot to the costume!… [ KEEP READING ]