Monster Wreath 2 – The Quick and Dirty No Sew version

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Previously I wrote up a tutorial on creating a monster wreath. Here’s another version, that is REALLY quick and easy, no sewing involved, just a lot of hot glue. You may want to reference the previous for more details, but this should give you the jist. (See, I even wrote this one in pencil, that’s how quick and dirty it is!)
Another Monster Wreath Tutorial

By the way, a reader pointed out there are a lot of wreaths and a nice tutorial which I notice uses this quick hot glue method as well (I like her method of gluing the balls in from the back), on Craftster, so check those out for more inspirations!

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  • Bitterbetty [] :

    I really need to make one of these they are soooo cute and spooky!

  • Chris [] :

    Oh, your Halloween crafts are tickling my fancy!

    Off to your shop, now. I need some more Dabbled bling. Or, at least I can make my wish list to hand out to others! yay!