More Cephalopod Crafts – Octopus Wine Cover, and Crafty Cthulhu Roundup

My friends Dennis and Grieg (Grieg is a very talented photographer) are apparently also a very talented crafty dudes! Love this little cephalopod wine bottle cover… isn’t he just too cute!? Even though cephalopod week is officially over, I had to do just one more to share this.

And since we’re tacking on another day to Cephalopod Week, I realized I’d been amiss in not linking to the king of all things tentacled, Cthulhu! As you can see from the pics below, crafty Cthulhus (both cute and scary) abound!

Crafty Cthulhus from around flickr
1. bibby, 2. Nifer Fahrion / NifNaks, 3. Hello Cthulu applique, 4. cthulhu2, 5. Day 12 – Clay Cthulhu, 6. cute blue guy, 7. Cthulhu de Fimo, 8. cthulhu_cutie

Coming tomorrow:
Felt Flower Pins Tutorial.
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