Motivation.. and a Beach Review (Myrtle Beach SC)

Carousel - Myrtle BeachIt seems that it’s so hard to get back in the groove when you’ve been away for a few days. We decided at the last minute to join the in-laws while they were at the beach, this weekend, which meant the non-trivial stress of getting the three year old up and to the airport for a 7:30 am flight* friday morning, then spending a fun, if somewhat hectic, day and a half with the doting grandparents, then flying back late Saturday. So when I got back, there’s so much to do that I’m behind on, and arrrrggg I just can’t seem to make myself do any of it! So, I do heartily apologize for a content free past few days.

I did do a cute robot sketch for illo friday this morning, but i’m going to color it, so it will be posted later. And I also have some crafty stuff to post once I get my act together. But, not yet. So off the subject of arts / crafts, I’ll give you my quick and dirty review of Myrtle Beach, SC. I don’t think I’d been to Myrtle Beach since I was a kid, and my remembrance of it was
pretty vague – an “OK” beach, pretty tourist-trappy. And hey! I think it still is! It’s a really odd mix of old and new – brand new condos next to old retro looking cheapy beach hotels.

Pavilion - Myrtle BeachThe Good: Traveling with a three year old, it’s frustrating that there isn’t usually a lot to do with them, on their level. They aren’t quite big enough for so much of the fun stuff. We did go to Broadway at the Beach, which was mostly a big mall-like outdoor tourist trap (not even on the beach!), complete with a Margaritaville (where yes, we ate an overpriced lunch and had an overpriced margarita). But they did have a bunch of those old carnival rides perfect for that age. Mostly stuff like the cars/boats/motorcycles that spin around in circles, but also a very cool old carousel, which was divine. The Boy was in heaven. They also have a big ‘lake’ in the center with a free watertaxi across it, which The Boy also enjoyed riding. Elsewhere, MB also still has the old amusement park too, over by the beach, which we saw but didn’t make it to, but i expect would be nostalgic fun–big old wooden coaster and ferris wheel. The fact that there were funny mini-golf places on every corner meant there were alot of things to point out to the boy when we were driving, like dinosaurs and pirate ships.

Myrtle Beach, SCThe Bad: mediocre beach–kid friendly and flat, but like many Atlantic coast beaches, brownish sand and just not that pretty. Extremely built up with hotels & condos, crowded Strand (main drag down by the beach) (we drove back down it past the tourist attractions, tons of evening traffic) Not exactly a ‘quiet’ beach holiday. We were staying down at the south end, which wasn’t bad though for traffic.

Bottom line: Was better than I expected. Mostly because the hotel/timeshare the inlaws had was very nice with multiple pools, and we found fun activities for the little one. A lot of options of things to do (if you were staying longer than two days!) with a family–if you don’t mind feeling like a constant tourist!–, but I wouldn’t recommend highly unless you need lots of activities to amuse kidlets. There are much nicer beaches. We enjoyed the Outer Banks of NC more (if anyone’s interested, I can write up a review of that!).

PS: I finally got around to putting up an About Me page.

*lest you think we are wealthy jetsetters, I have flight benefits from my previous job that allow us to fly very cheaply on standby.