Hacking a toddler bed

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April 09 edit: Thanks to Ikea Hackers for the feature! Welcome Ikea-hackers! Stick around and check the place out! You might like more stuff built by the handy hubby

Hacking an Ikea Kritter bed

I was browsing through the As Is section at Ikea and came across the parts to a Kritter child’s bed. I wasn’t really planning on getting the 3 yr old a toddler bed (his crib converted to one by taking off the front rail), but I couldn’t resist–it’s too cute! When I got it home I realized that (duh) it takes a longer mattress than a crib mattress. Well, The Boy doesn’t need a longer mattress yet, he still fits fine on the crib sized one–and I really didn’t want to go buy all new sheets and such anyway. So the fabulous husband modified the bed to make it fit the crib mattress, leaving a nifty little compartment perfect for stuffed animals at the end!

Hacking an Ikea Kritter bed - upclose

All he basically did was add a flat wood bottom to the end section where the mattress wouldn’t reach, and use the guard rail (which we weren’t needing anyway) as a divider between the box and the mattress. Easy Peasy!

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10 Comment(s) »

  • yardenxanthe [] :

    It looks great. Your handy husband sure is handy to have around. :)

  • Molly B [] :

    That is TOO cute! I love the quilt, too.

  • Dot [] :

    The quilt is actually Pottery Barn Kids, I think.

    Yes, hubby’s quite handy…

  • Dot [] :

    The quilt is actually Pottery Barn Kids, I think.

    Yes, hubby’s quite handy…

  • Predrag [] :


    I just wonder if you still have all the metal parts for the guard rail — and if you are willing to sell them?

    We just bought a KRITTER bed for our dynamic 2 year old son. It seems that just a single guard rail is not enough for him :) I have tried to buy an additional guard rail, but in our local store (South Philadelphia) they said we coudl not buy a separate one.

    I would love to buy — or make an additional rail sometimes soon. (He keeps on sleeping fine till about 4 am, and then fall out of the bed.)

    Thank you

  • Dot [] :

    I don’t have the parts, but I will make a suggestion. You might try sliding a pool noodle under the sheet on the side of the bed where he falls off. It basically creates a ridge so they don’t just roll out. And can be removed easily once they’ve learned to stay in bed.

    Good luck!

  • curly [] :

    Do you by any chance still have the assembly instructions? I’ve looked everywhere online for them. We just got this bed as a hand me down:) Looks easy enough, but wanted to make sure we were doing it right.


  • Dot [] :

    Unfortunately, no I don’t have the instructions. But I think it was pretty self explanatory! good luck!

  • beard harrison [] :

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