MSCE April is OVER! Anyone up for May?

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I’ll post more about the outcome of MSCE April later–I’m slammed today, but if everyone playing along could post the favorite project they did this month here as a comment (or email me if you prefer). I’ll be doing a wrap up post, and I want to include your stuff. Also any comments about the experience you might have.

I had a great time! Hope you did too… and if you want to keep playing along for may, especially if you started late, go for it!

How to…. do something: How to make something cool everyday in April

If you did a wrap up post, like this great one from “How to… do something” leave a link to that as well!

Edit: PS, do go check out the Pinata tutorial, by one of our MSCE April participants!

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  • Joanne [] :

    Hey there. MSCE April was fun! I’ll be posting a wrap up today and will be in touch with the link. Happy May!

  • SAAAAM [] :

    Hey, I had fun making things last month : )

    This was my favourite project – Cardboard Block Printed Tshirt:

  • angeltreats [] :

    I had great fun with MSCE! Unfortunately I just didn’t have time to post every day but I did do something creative every day, even if it was just a little drawing. My favourite ‘thing’ was this:

    It wasn’t the most artistic, or elaborate, or impressive, but it was definitely the most fun!

    Thanks for organising, Dot :) I’ll definitely take part next year if you do it again and hopefully I’ll be better at posting everything!

  • Joanne [] :

    Posted a wrap up this morning. Thanks!

  • Ellie [] :

    My nosy clone was my favorite:

    If you do MSCE May, I’ll definitely participate!

  • Heather - Dollar Store Crafts [] :

    Here was my favorite project: Make Baby Pants From Dishtowel:

  • Heather - - [] :

    Oh, and I had a lot of fun. I didn’t hit every single day in April, but I did multiple cool things on multiple days in April! :) I would be up for May…

  • Sharon L. Shannon [] :

    Dot, MSCE April was so cool! Being the Procrastinatrix General I am, I didn’t do a complete project every single day–but this really motivated me to be creative every single day. My favorite thing I made was my By the Sea tin ( ), and my favorite post was “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Make Bad Jewelry” ( ).

    Please, let’s carry on in May! And thanks so craftily much!

  • tamdoll [] :

    The month just flew by! I posted about how one of my projects finished up –
    Thanks for this great idea, it kept me motivated knowing that I had committed to the project.

  • Meg [] :

    Hi Dot,

    I loved the MSCE April! It really got me thinking and creating. Here’s my favorite project from the month: Making a kaleidoscope out of a mailing tube

  • Claudia [] :

    It was great. My favorite project from the month was my snail herb garden:

    Thanks for the inspiration and I will definitely be more crafty in the future – my brain has switched gears!

  • Caroline [] :

    I still have few things to upload and post, been mega busy last week with my husband’s birthday meals and also the kids being off school for long weekend.
    I think I liked the Dr Who windchime the most:

  • Kathryn [] :

    Here is my wrap up for April and although I haven’t been as crafty in May, I am up for trying to do it again and glad to see others are also; it was not only a challenge to try to do something everyday, but fun to see what other were doing also.

  • Michelle [] :

    My favorite project took up multiple days so my link is to a series of posts/tutorials on how to make a myriad of items for a baby shower gift basket (from a teddy bear hooded towel to a diaper card cover.

  • yula [] :

    During May, here’s what we did in our family: little baskets…

    Hope you enjoy!