Sorry for the MIA…

Glad you all enjoyed the Sweater Monster Puppets monday! If you make them, I’d love to see what you come up with..

Art Prints:
Oh, and if you were ever thinking of ordering a print of any of my artwork, now is the time.. Through May 4, Imagekind is offering Free Shipping, which really makes for a great deal. The code is MDay09. And if you see anything at that isn’t at Imagekind, just let me know, and I’ll upload it for you so you can order it. Some of the recent robot series isn’t up there yet. (


And yeah, I had stuff to post today, but it will go up tomorrow… I spent the day at the car dealer, first waiting for the car to be fixed, then picking out a new (convertible!) car since the old one was apparently going to cost more to be fixed than it was worth. You can thank us for helping stimulate the economy!
That and I’ve been doing some web design projects, and they keep taking up my time, but I promise I won’t forget to keep you guys stimulated too!

So, tomorrow a.m., How to Make Cuban Sandwiches (without at sandwich press!)… stay tuned!