New Art Site in Beta! Feedback needed.

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nifty! New portfolio siteVersion 3.0!
.. check it out and let me know what needs fixing!

Some background:
A while back I wrote about my quest to create an Art Portfolio website using Blogger (or any blog based engine). The idea was that didn’t look like a blog, but would be as easy to update as a blog, since most creative types don’t want to spend a lot of time keeping a website up to date.
Here are a couple of the sites I created using Blogger
-My old art portfolio site:
-A friend’s photography portfolio site: Grieg Wehr Photography

Several people wrote to me that they really enjoyed using my tutorial–and I’m really glad to have helped!

Well, not content to rest on my laurels, I’ve created version 3.0 of my art portfolio site:

This is created in another blogging platform, Tumblr, and I think it’s even more well suited for something like this.

I’ll write up a more detailed post about how to create a portfolio site similar to this, and some other ideas I found while exploring the tumblr platform, later this week. EDIT : Here’s the WRITEUP

So, I would really love some feedback on the new site. Usability, art choices, and so forth. Hope you like it! Feel free to leave feedback here, or email me at nancy [at]

How to Use Tumblr as a Portfolio site
An exercise in using Blogger to create an art portfolio site
Some details on how to create the art/photog site using blogger
Version 2 of the art site

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  • John [] :

    It’s great. It’d probably be better if you had a single webshop to direct people to, but it looks like you’re working on that.

  • Dot [] :

    Yeah, just haven’t gotten that far yet :) thanks!

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Love the new site– so great to see all your work at a glance.

    – link to imagekind is broken.. you have a space before the “/”

  • Laura Zarrin [] :

    Love the site! I can’t wait for the tutorial. One thing I noticed is that once you click on a portfolio image there’s no “next” or “back” button (unless I missed it). Great art!!!!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Hi Nancy!!! it looks wonderful…The only thing I would change would be to add a back button to each art piece page…just a usability thing….

    wonderful work!!!