First some Halloween updates, then some general updates:

Halloween Extravaganza update:
Will post the Sponsors & Prizes for the halloween contest later today. If anyone else is interested in donating a prize for the contest, let me know asap so I can include your site in the initial writeup.

I’m looking for Costume Creations for a Halloween Feature next week. If you have pics of past costumes you created that we might want to feature, email me dot [at] dabbled {dot} org.

If you missed the 2 this week, you can view our “Halloween Feature” Dabblers here… Check out the cool & spooky creativity!

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Because life and Dabbled can’t be all about Halloween.

It’s been a pretty productive week. Bought all next season’s clothes for the Boy at one of those huge consignment sales last night. And little tiny Keens. And a $6 scooter that he’s already in love with. Thrift store shopping yesterday yielded the required elements for my halloween costume (planning ahead!) and several other interesting items. Several new bags of fiberfill (maybe i’ll get around to the stuffed robot next week), an interesting old tray, a turquoise wool sweater to shrink, some metal decorative wall art that the hubby has decided to turn into a fireplace screen, and more stuff. Anyone ever used those bread mold tubes? I got two Pampered Chef ones for $3. Not really sure how they work! A pretty good haul of loot.

Made a lot of progress on the sketches for my book project this week too. It’s funny how inspiration comes in spurts. Now if i can just get inspired with this week’s Illo Friday theme.. “Clique”. Hmmmm… What should I do with that?

And at some point our snake has escaped her cage, so I guess I’d better go look for her again..