Peeps in Formal Wear!

Check out these jazzed up Peep bunnies in tuxedos!  These would be perfect for Easter, or maybe even a fun treat for a spring wedding!

Love this idea… Should definitely come up with some variations using other types of Peeps :)

From Babble:

Until this Sunday, when the kids and I dressed them in little tuxedoes of white and dark chocolate.  Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough of them. I’m not embarrassed to admit I let each of the kids eat one, while I bit the crunchy little tuxedos off of a handful of Peeps all by my lonesome.  Turns out, plain old Peeps are kinda cute to look at, but dress them up with a dandy coat of chocolate, and suddenly you’ve got a treat you won’t be able to resist.

Go Read the whole thing and find out how to make them! Tuxedo Peeps