Quick and Clever gift idea

A fun gift idea I like to do is put together a set of items that can be used together by the recipient. I especially like to do this with recipes. Just to take a favorite recipe, and include the recipe, any interesting gear to make it, and maybe a key ingredient or two. Wrap up in a pretty way, and you have a fun gift that is also a project for your giftee!

For example, let’s say you wanted to do this with the Lemon Pie recipe I posted the other day. Print out a copy of the recipe (here it is as a .pdf that you can download and print easily).

Include some big organic lemons, a Microplanefor zesting them (this is an awesome gift!), maybe a juicer, and either a pretty pie plate, or just some practical ones like these Pyrex pie plates.

Put all the goodies in your pie plate, and wrap up!

You can do this with almost any recipe…
Gingerbread cookies: Recipe, you could even mix up the dry ingredients for a batch and include that, and include some fun cookie cutters.
Eggnog: Recipe, a pretty pitcherwith stirrer, and a jar of whole nutmegs with a Microplanefor grating it!

This is also a great idea for wedding gifts. It’s so impersonal just to pick something off the registry, but if you buy them the serving platter they’re asking for, and include your famous recipe for baked brie and a bag of sugared pecans, you’ve now made the boring serving platter much more fun and personal!

Hope you have fun with this idea …