Quick Kids Activity – Cloth Scrap Creatures

Here’s a fun little way to keep your kid occupied for a bit, and also use up some of the scraps you have in your stash from various projects. The Boy has been obsessed with the game Spore, particularly the fun of character creation.  (Yes, we’re raising a geek child, why do you ask!?)  And while he has a lot of fun playing it on the computer, he does need a break from ‘screen time’ sometimes (not if you asked HIM, of course!).   He’s never really been into arts and crafts – short attention span from too many video games, I suppose – but he did have a lot of fun with this crafty activity.

Basically, I had a bunch old fabric scraps that I had lying around the house (leftover cloth from Dragon Wings, the ends of his pants that I had cut off into shorts for summer, pieces of ribbon, that sort of thing).  I cut these into random shapes, both geometric and organic, not really worrying about neatness– there were circles, squares, spikes, and just random triangle like pieces, in a variety of colors and fabrics.

I had picked up a nice mixed pack of googly eyes in the Dollar Spot at Target the other day, so I added some random eyes to the mix.

I made a couple of large squares out of leftover brown fleece (from Perry the Platypus’ tail!) to serve as a base for the designs.

Then just let him go to town making up his own creatures.  We didn’t glue anything together (although you could certainly do so)– I just let him make up his monsters, then took pictures of them to ‘Save’ them (my little video game junkie understands that analogy!)

It was his idea to get some markers to add additional decorations and designs.

Then when he was finished, we just rolled up the cloth, with the pieces inside, and it went into his art box for future use!