Random Friday Updates

Happy Friday All! Hope you have a fabulous weekend…

–A request! If you liked the shrinky dinks projects, vote for my Instructable in the O’Reilly book contest!! Pretty Please!?

–Don’t forget to finish up your entries for the Dabbled Summer Doldrums contest. You’ve got a ton of lattitude with this vague summer topic, so let’s see some creativity! We’ve got some good entries already, but we usually get quite a few in the last week, so don’t miss your chance for internet fame :) and a few prizes!

–Twitter (my new addiction!) apparently had some issues over the past few days, and I lost all my friends… It looks like most of it has been restored, but if you were following me (or vise versa), and now you’re not, that’s why. Follow me on Twitter here! (Also, you can see my last 2 tweets in the sidebar on the right)

–I’m so addicted to following blogs with Google Reader that I can’t remember what it was like to live without it. If you don’t understand the concept: “What is RSS?“. If you’re not following Dabbled’s feed, you can add it here. I occasionally add special content just for those who read the feed.

–Once a year I let my geeky side shine by going to Dragon*con in Atlanta. Anyone else going to be there this year? And speaking of geeky..