Saturday Silliness

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Bead Letter D Plain Educational Block A b-spo B L E D

Photojojo has a great roundup of fun flickr toys and tools. I adore flickr, so I had to check some of these out, including the “Spell with Flickr” which I used to create the image above! Too cool.

A Call to Arms for Geeky Crafters! Craftypod points us to a campaign to get a Joss Whedon interview in CrochetMe!!
Well, he made this joke in a recent interview about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, his latest project. Responding to a question about internet buzz for the show, he said: “Fact is, there’s been some buzz, but it hasn’t reached the places it would normally. Where’s our write-up in Crocheting Monthly? (I did a very sexy shoot for that one.)” Okay. . . this is where Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet and, comes in. She saw that interview and got inspired: she wants to interview Joss on CrochetMe!
Go sign on to the cause by checking out the original post, and link to it on your blog too, to spread the word! Especially if you’ve ever knitted a Jayne hat!

Because we all need a little surrealism to our weekends: If you’ve never seen Fatboy Slim’s Christopher Walken video, you really must.

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  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    Love Joss! He is so interesting and creative, that would be such a riot if he were interviewed for this site. And the Dr Horrible video was great, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion were wonderful in it. Think it is available at itunes now for download.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • SisterDG [] :

    Yaaaay, thanks so much for spreading the Joss love!

    And I couldn’t agree more about that Fatboy Slim video. Walken is a national treasure. :-)