Random Post: Spring Cleaning..

Ah, my first day of my sabbatical.
I quit my job without having another one, and now I’m planning to take a month off.
So, I’m attempting to ensure I’m accomplishing things.

Today was blog clean-up day — Nothing too major…I changed the template to a stretchable one so that the pictures wouldnt get cut off like they were before, added some bookmarking buttons, and added a tag cloud. Is it loading ok? Look ok in a reader? Do you like the tag cloud, or do you prefer a list of topics (I left the topic list — it’s just further down)? Any other suggestions?

Also marked off my list were several loads of laundry, washing the boy’s shells from the beach, a shower, and finding the library books that need to go back tomorrow. So I feel like I have accomplished a few things. Not done is the Robot Cake tutorial. That will probably wait til tomorrow at this point, as we have no food in the house and I should probably go grocery shopping.