Re-design update: a new 404 page

As part of the changes I’m working on to, I decided to create a fun 404 page (you know, the Page Not Found thing you get with a bad link). The new background is watercolor paper, so I created an effect of the paper being torn to see what was underneath–and of course some cute robots peeking through. And the effect even covers part of the header. I thought it was a pretty cute trick. You can see it by going to any link on the site that doesn’t exist, like

I’ve seen several cute 404 pages recently, but mine was inspired by the one on Swiss Miss (great design site). Here’s her’s.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll write up a quick tutorial on how to make the graphic in photoshop, and also how to incorporate it into your 404 page.

PS: you can see another version of the same thing at my sometimes updated art site: